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TSocketManager< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for TSocketManager< T >, including all inherited members.

AddCron(CCron *pcCron)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
AddSock(T *pcSock, const CS_STRING &sSockName)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
Cleanup() (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
clear() (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [inline]
Connect(const CSConnection &cCon, T *pcSock=NULL)TSocketManager< T > [inline]
Cron()TSocketManager< T > [inline, private, virtual]
DelCron(const CS_STRING &sName, bool bDeleteAll=true, bool bCaseSensitive=true)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
DelCron(u_int iPos)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
DelCronByAddr(CCron *pcCron)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
DelSock(u_int iPos)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
DelSockByAddr(T *pcSock)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
EMessages enum nameTSocketManager< T >
FindSockByFD(int iFD)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
FindSockByLocalPort(u_short iPort)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
FindSockByName(const CS_STRING &sName)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
FindSockByRemotePort(u_short iPort)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
FindSocksByName(const CS_STRING &sName) (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
FindSocksByRemoteHost(const CS_STRING &sHostname)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
GetBytesRead() const TSocketManager< T > [inline]
GetBytesWritten() const TSocketManager< T > [inline]
GetCrons() (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [inline]
GetErrno()TSocketManager< T > [inline]
GetSelectTimeout()TSocketManager< T > [inline]
Listen(const CSListener &cListen, T *pcSock=NULL, u_short *piRandPort=NULL) (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
Loop()TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]
m_errno (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [private]
m_iBytesRead (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [private]
m_iBytesWritten (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [private]
m_iCallTimeouts (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [private]
m_iSelectWait (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [private]
m_vcCrons (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [private]
Select(std::map< T *, EMessages > &mpeSocks)TSocketManager< T > [inline, private, virtual]
SELECT_ERROR enum valueTSocketManager< T >
SELECT_TIMEOUT enum valueTSocketManager< T >
SELECT_TRYAGAIN enum valueTSocketManager< T >
SelectSock(std::map< T *, EMessages > &mpeSocks, EMessages eErrno, T *pcSock)TSocketManager< T > [inline, private, virtual]
SetSelectTimeout(u_int iTimeout)TSocketManager< T > [inline]
SUCCESS enum value (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T >
TSocketManager() (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [inline]
~TSocketManager() (defined in TSocketManager< T >)TSocketManager< T > [inline, virtual]

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