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CCron Class Reference

#include <Csocket.h>

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Detailed Description

this is the main cron job class

You should derive from this class, and override RunJob() with your code

Jim Hull <imaginos@imaginos.net>

Definition at line 362 of file Csocket.h.

Public Member Functions

u_int GetCyclesLeft () const
int GetInterval () const
u_int GetMaxCycles () const
const CS_STRING & GetName () const
bool isValid ()
 returns true if cron is active
void Pause ()
 pauses excution of your code in RunJob
void run (time_t &iNow)
 This is used by the Job Manager, and not you directly.
virtual void RunJob ()
 this is the method you should override
void SetName (const CS_STRING &sName)
void Start (int TimeSequence)
 starts and runs infinity amount of times
void StartMaxCycles (int TimeSequence, u_int iMaxCycles)
void Stop ()
 call this to turn off your cron, it will be removed
void UnPause ()
 removes the pause on RunJon

Private Attributes

bool m_bActive
bool m_bPause
u_int m_iCycles
u_int m_iMaxCycles
time_t m_iTime
int m_iTimeSequence

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