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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CCronThis is the main cron job class
CNoCopyThis class is intended to be derived from to prevent copying of your derived class, the implementations of the copy constructor and equals operator were intentionally made private and omitted
CSafePtr< T >This class is intended to be created on the stack and hold a pointer which will be deleted upon destruction. It is useful for functions where you need an allocated pointer and have many return paths. It prevents copying to get around the exclusive ownership situation which makes std::auto_ptr invalidate the first pointer on copy. This is intended to be used in simplistic situations such as local variables
CSConnectionOptions for creating a connection
CSListenerOptions container to create a listener
CSmartPtr< T >This is a standard reference counting pointer. Be careful not to have two of these point to the same raw pointer or one will be deleted while the other still thinks it is valid
CsockBasic Socket Class The most basic level socket class You can use this class directly for quick things or use the socket manager
TCacheMap< T >Insert an object with a time-to-live and check later if it still exists
TSocketManager< T >Best class to use to interact with the sockets

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