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//! @author prozac@rottenboy.com

#ifndef _IRCSOCK_H
#define _IRCSOCK_H

#include "main.h"
#include "User.h"
#include "Chan.h"
#include "Buffer.h"

// Forward Declarations
class CZNC;
// !Forward Declarations

class CIRCSock : public Csock {
      CIRCSock(CUser* pUser);
      virtual ~CIRCSock();

      typedef enum {
            ListArg           = 0,  // These values must line up with their position in the CHANMODE argument to raw 005
            HasArg            = 1,
            ArgWhenSet  = 2,
            NoArg       = 3
      } EChanModeArgs;

      // Message Handlers
      bool OnCTCPReply(CNick& Nick, CString& sMessage);
      bool OnPrivCTCP(CNick& Nick, CString& sMessage);
      bool OnChanCTCP(CNick& Nick, const CString& sChan, CString& sMessage);
      bool OnPrivMsg(CNick& Nick, CString& sMessage);
      bool OnChanMsg(CNick& Nick, const CString& sChan, CString& sMessage);
      bool OnPrivNotice(CNick& Nick, CString& sMessage);
      bool OnChanNotice(CNick& Nick, const CString& sChan, CString& sMessage);
      // !Message Handlers

      virtual void ReadLine(const CString& sData);
      virtual void Connected();
      virtual void Disconnected();
      virtual void ConnectionRefused();
      virtual void SockError(int iErrno);
      virtual void Timeout();

      void KeepNick(bool bForce = false);
      void PutIRC(const CString& sLine);
      void ParseISupport(const CString& sLine);
      void ResetChans();

      // Setters
      void SetPass(const CString& s) { m_sPass = s; }
      void SetKeepNick(bool b) { m_bKeepNick = b; }
      void SetOrigNickPending(bool b) { m_bOrigNickPending = b; }
      // !Setters

      // Getters
      bool GetKeepNick() const { return m_bKeepNick; }
      unsigned int GetMaxNickLen() const { return m_uMaxNickLen; }
      EChanModeArgs GetModeType(unsigned char uMode) const;
      unsigned char GetPermFromMode(unsigned char uMode) const;
      const map<unsigned char, EChanModeArgs>& GetChanModes() const { return m_mueChanModes; }
      bool IsPermChar(const char c) const { return (c != '\0' && GetPerms().find(c) != CString::npos); }
      bool IsPermMode(const char c) const { return (c != '\0' && GetPermModes().find(c) != CString::npos); }
      const CString& GetPerms() const { return m_sPerms; }
      const CString& GetPermModes() const { return m_sPermModes; }
      CString GetNickMask() const { return m_Nick.GetNickMask(); }
      const CString& GetNick() const { return m_Nick.GetNick(); }
      const CString& GetPass() const { return m_sPass; }
      bool IsOrigNickPending() const { return m_bOrigNickPending; }
      bool HasNamesx() const { return m_bNamesx; }
      bool HasUHNames() const { return m_bUHNames; }
      // !Getters
      void SetNick(const CString& sNick);
      bool                                m_bISpoofReleased;
      bool                                m_bAuthed;
      bool                                m_bKeepNick;
      bool                                m_bOrigNickPending;
      bool                                m_bNamesx;
      bool                                m_bUHNames;
      CString                                   m_sPerms;
      CString                                   m_sPermModes;
      map<unsigned char, EChanModeArgs>   m_mueChanModes;
      CUser*                                    m_pUser;
      CNick                               m_Nick;
      CString                                   m_sPass;
      map<CString, CChan*>          m_msChans;
      unsigned int                        m_uMaxNickLen;

#endif // !_IRCSOCK_H

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