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CSListener Class Reference

#include <Csocket.h>

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Detailed Description

options container to create a listener

Definition at line 1037 of file Csocket.h.

Public Member Functions

 CSListener (u_short iPort, const CS_STRING &sBindHost="")
const CS_STRING & GetBindHost () const
bool GetIsIPv6 () const
bool GetIsSSL () const
int GetMaxConns () const
const u_short GetPort () const
const CS_STRING & GetSockName () const
u_int GetTimeout () const
void SetBindHost (const CS_STRING &sBindHost)
 sets the host to bind to
void SetIsIPv6 (bool b)
 set to true to enable ipv6
void SetIsSSL (bool b)
 set to true to enable SSL
void SetMaxConns (int i)
 set max connections as called by accept()
void SetPort (u_short iPort)
 sets the port to listen on. Set to 0 to listen on a random port
void SetSockName (const CS_STRING &sSockName)
 sets the sock name for later reference (ie FindSockByName)
void SetTimeout (u_int i)
 sets the listen timeout. The listener class will close after timeout has been reached if not 0

Private Attributes

bool m_bIsIPv6
bool m_bIsSSL
int m_iMaxConns
u_short m_iPort
u_int m_iTimeout
CS_STRING m_sBindHost
CS_STRING m_sSockName

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