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CSConnection Class Reference

#include <Csocket.h>

Inherited by CSSSLConnection.

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Detailed Description

options for creating a connection

Definition at line 955 of file Csocket.h.

Public Member Functions

 CSConnection (const CS_STRING &sHostname, u_short iPort, int iTimeout=60)
const CS_STRING & GetBindHost () const
const CS_STRING & GetHostname () const
bool GetIsIPv6 () const
bool GetIsSSL () const
u_short GetPort () const
const CS_STRING & GetSockName () const
int GetTimeout () const
void SetBindHost (const CS_STRING &s)
 sets the hostname to bind to (vhost support)
void SetHostname (const CS_STRING &s)
 sets the hostname to connect to
void SetIsIPv6 (bool b)
 set to true to enable ipv6
void SetIsSSL (bool b)
 set to true to enable SSL
void SetPort (u_short i)
 sets the port to connect to
void SetSockName (const CS_STRING &s)
 sets the name of the socket, used for reference, ie in FindSockByName()
void SetTimeout (int i)
 sets the connection timeout

Protected Attributes

bool m_bIsIPv6
bool m_bIsSSL
u_short m_iPort
int m_iTimeout
CS_STRING m_sBindHost
CS_STRING m_sHostname
 set the cipher strength to use, default is HIGH
CS_STRING m_sSockName

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