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CCron Class Reference

#include <Csocket.h>

Inherited by CAwayNickTimer, CBackNickTimer, CJoinTimer, CKeepNickTimer, and CTimer.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

this is the main cron job class

You should derive from this class, and override RunJob() with your code

Jim Hull <imaginos@imaginos.net>

Definition at line 350 of file Csocket.h.

Public Member Functions

u_int GetCyclesLeft () const
int GetInterval () const
u_int GetMaxCycles () const
const CS_STRING & GetName () const
bool isValid ()
 returns true if cron is active
void Pause ()
 pauses excution of your code in RunJob
void run ()
 This is used by the Job Manager, and not you directly.
virtual void RunJob ()
 this is the method you should override
void SetName (const CS_STRING &sName)
void Start (int TimeSequence)
 starts and runs infinity amount of times
void StartMaxCycles (int TimeSequence, u_int iMaxCycles)
void Stop ()
 call this to turn off your cron, it will be removed
void UnPause ()
 removes the pause on RunJon

Private Attributes

bool m_bActive
bool m_bPause
u_int m_iCycles
u_int m_iMaxCycles
time_t m_iTime
int m_iTimeSequence

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