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#ifndef _TEMPLATE_H
#define _TEMPLATE_H

#include "FileUtils.h"
#include <iostream>

using std::ostream;
using std::cout;
using std::endl;

class CTemplate;

class CTemplateLoopContext {
      CTemplateLoopContext(unsigned long uFilePos, const CString& sLoopName, vector<CTemplate*>* pRows) {
            m_uFilePosition = uFilePos;
            m_sName = sLoopName;
            m_uRowIndex = 0;
            m_pvRows = pRows;

      virtual ~CTemplateLoopContext() {}

      // Setters
      void SetName(const CString& s) { m_sName = s; }
      void SetRowIndex(unsigned int u) { m_uRowIndex = u; }
      unsigned int IncRowIndex() { return ++m_uRowIndex; }
      unsigned int DecRowIndex() { if (m_uRowIndex == 0) { return 0; } return --m_uRowIndex; }
      void SetFilePosition(unsigned int u) { m_uFilePosition = u; }
      // !Setters

      // Getters
      const CString& GetName() const { return m_sName; }
      unsigned long GetFilePosition() const { return m_uFilePosition; }
      unsigned int GetRowIndex() const { return m_uRowIndex; }
      const unsigned int GetRowCount() { return m_pvRows->size(); }
      vector<CTemplate*>* GetRows() { return m_pvRows; }
      CTemplate* GetNextRow() { return GetRow(IncRowIndex()); }
      CTemplate* GetCurRow() { return GetRow(m_uRowIndex); }

      CTemplate* GetRow(unsigned int uIndex);
      CString GetValue(const CString& sName);
      // !Getters
      CString                       m_sName;                //! The name portion of the <?LOOP name?> tag
      unsigned int            m_uRowIndex;            //! The index of the current row we're on
      unsigned long           m_uFilePosition;  //! The file position of the opening <?LOOP?> tag
      vector<CTemplate*>*     m_pvRows;               //! This holds pointers to the templates associated with this loop

class CTemplate : public MCString {
      CTemplate() {}
      CTemplate(const CString& sFileName) : m_sFileName(sFileName) {}
      virtual ~CTemplate();

      bool SetFile(const CString& sFileName);
      bool Print(ostream& oOut = cout);
      bool Print(const CString& sFileName, ostream& oOut = cout);
      bool ValidIf(const CString& sArgs);
      bool ValidExpr(const CString& sExpr);
      bool IsTrue(const CString& sName);
      bool HasLoop(const CString& sName);
      CString GetValue(const CString& sName);
      CTemplate& AddRow(const CString& sName);
      CTemplate* GetRow(const CString& sName, unsigned int uIndex);
      vector<CTemplate*>* GetLoop(const CString& sName);
      void DelCurLoopContext();
      CTemplateLoopContext* GetCurLoopContext();
      CTemplate* GetCurTemplate();

      // Getters
      const CString& GetFileName() const { return m_sFileName; }
      // !Getters
      CString           m_sFileName;
      CFile       m_File;
      map<CString, vector<CTemplate*> >   m_mvLoops;
      vector<CTemplateLoopContext*>       m_vLoopContexts;

#endif // !_TEMPLATE_H

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